Recommendations for SEO Agencies in Washington?


Hello everyone! I’ve decided it’s time to write a post again. I get asked every now and then where a good, trusted SEO agency can be found here in Washington. I recently found one that I found worthy to share about.

I got in touch recently with a guy who runs an agency called Phase Shift Digital Marketing in Vancouver, WA. We chatted a bit and I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of digital marketing in 2017. As you know Google is always updating and changing their algorithm and a lot of SEO experts who think they’ve mastered the SERPS find themselves either getting penalized or their work ends up producing diddley-squat. This guy on the other hand seems to be in the know whenever something changes. He claims to be part of an SEO mastermind called OMG Machines, which I’ve heard of but never looked in to. Apparently it is run by guys who actually make 6-7 figures in the digital marketing business and coach in their spare time, so they are always getting best-of-the-best, hot-off-the-press news and what is working in the industry.

We had a really good conversation, mainly around video marketing. Apparently it has been his biggest success recently, which doesn’t surprise me too much, since YouTube is huge, and the stats have shown people are more likely to click and watch a video rather than a regular link. He ranks videos for popular keywords and then rents the video to them for a recurring fee. What a great idea!

Another thing he does to get clients is find a video that isn’t ranking or has many views and then contacts the business and tells them he will rank them on page One of Google for free, and then afterward they pay him 100-150/month to keep it there. This also opens the gate for more business once he builds trust and shows he can actually get them results. He said this was the one trick I could share with you guys on this blog, hehe.


Again,  if you are in Vancouver WA if you are looking for a recommended SEO company, check out Phase Shift Digital SEO.

If you guys know of any outstanding search engine marketing agencies around Washington, send me a message or leave a comment.

Here’s to your success!

Here’s a link below to their video on YouTube: