Kent, Washington

Welcome to KentVad Washington SEO.

We started this blog to bring great tips on how to do digital marketing and search engine optimization to the masses.

Living in Washington State we’ve seen a lot of potential for businesses to leverage using google search marketing online.  Without proper knowledge of this subject, it can be easy to get hoodwinked and invest your cash in some shady self-proclaimed SEO expert from a 3rd world country who says he can rank your website #1 on Google for 5 bucks.  Don’t be fooled.  Pay attention to our tips here and you’ll be well on your way to ranking and more business with no negative side effects.

We are going to publish posts on all kinds of beginner SEO topics, like how do i find an SEO expert, what tools to use if you want to try SEO on your own, how to know if someone really knows what they are doing with search marketing and more.  We sincerely hope you will find value here.

To all our friends in Kent, Washington.  May you learn and apply great SEO to your local businesses!